How to add custom user role and new fields on the user profile in WordPress

How to disable Google Map zoom on scroll

Category: CSS

Here is the code for HTML:

And use the following CSS:

Supporting title for this post: google map disable scroll zoom

Create WordPress Search Form and Result Page

Category: WordPress

Use the following code for the WordPress search box:

Now create a file search.php to create the search page template and use the following code:

Safari CSS Hack Only [Not Chrome]

Category: Browser Hack, CSS

Today I tried to fix one div height for the Safari browser, I did a long search on Google and finally I got the solution. Share the solution below, which can help you to fix your Safary browser issue without effecting on Google Chrome. Let’s check the safari CSS hack code below: Use the following… Read More »

Usages of Contact Form 7 WordPress Plugin [Tutorial]

Category: WordPress Plugin

Contact Form 7 Thank You Page contact form 7 redirect on success to the Thank you page. on_sent_ok: “location = ‘/thank-you’;” Hide Contact Form 7 Success Message on_sent_ok: “document.getElementById(‘contactform’).style.display = ‘none’;”

Letter spacing Photoshop to CSS

Category: CSS, Photoshop

Letter spacing Photoshop to CSS is making confuse a web designer when the Photoshop letter spacing do not match with CSS properties. Tracking in the Photoshop is the term used for the spacing between the selected text. On the web design, that process known as “Letter-spacing”. You can convert the Photoshop text Tracking into letter-spacing… Read More »